Something Cool Review

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CD Review

Laura Freeman

Something Cool

Reviewed by Carla Gordon


Laura Freeman’s debut CD is delightful. Freeman is on her game.  Singing a scoche lower than before gives her supported sound with cleaner pitches enabling a thousand layers of rich interepretation.  In Freeman’s care, Susan Werner’s  I Can’t Be New” is sensuous and jazzy.  “It’s A Lovely Day,”combined with “I Got the Sun In the Morning”, and ”Orange Colored Sky” recalls chirpy ingenues  from Thirties movies.  Instrumental interludes  throughout are lush.   Thetypically perky “Tea for Two” becomes a tender daydream under Freeman’s wistful interpretation.  Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” presented in three part harmony with Beckie Menzie and Marianne Murphy Orland is a frank message of womanhood.  Freeman builds “Paint Your Wagon” from a search for something lost to promising new adventure.  Its blue grassy- banjo accompaniment is so right.   The title track, “Something Cool” is glorious. Freeman finds the hope, sorrow and ultimately the truth of that lonely woman at the bar. “Meadowlark” is a grand flight of voice, hope, and discovery. The mix is fun-- doo wop,pop, jazz ( yummy scat on “Hand in Hand”)  country and meaty ballads. Beckie Menzie’s imaginative arrangements are meaningful contributions to this fine debut CD.  

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