Monday Night Live at Petterino’s - Chicago, IL.

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Comedienne Denise McGowan’s brainchild, Monday Night Live” at Petterino’s in downtown Chicago offers “impromptu” cabaret. Its “regulars,”guided by co-host, Beckie Menzie make the event continuously excellent. Ken Baker thrills the audience with boffo Broadway selections. Rob Dorn’s soaring tenor honors multiple genres. Laura Freeman delivers marvelous characterizations. Menzie’s musical partner, Tom Michael, joins in a duet or an entertaining solo. Yours truly, Carla Gordon, is a frequent flyer, offering original tunes and vintage standards.

With theaters dark on Mondays, casts of musicals, recently My Fair Lady often join the regulars to entertain.

Although freewheeling, this is no amateurs’ open mike.  There is no cover charge, but cocktails and an extensive food menu is available. Not only does hostess McGowan keep the show dynamic, her warm personality makes Monday Night Live” at Petterino’s seem like a cozy visit to her parlor.  Please don’t tell anyone what I wrote. I don’t want trouble getting a table.

Monday Night Live” at Petterino’s is an ongoing show.

Carla Gordon

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February 4, 2008

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